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Both BRMachinery Trading LP and BR Machine Limited specialize in the sales of second-hand machinery from the Baltic Region. We have more than 25 years of experience and deliver excellent quality used metalworking machines and presses (Stanko, Ryazan, Sedin, Aida, etc.) to our clients globally. Our history goes back to 1992, when a metal processing company JSC Formateka was established in Lithuania. The main fields of activity were sales of second hand machines and presses as well as manufacturing of press-forms and dies (for moulds and stamps). Successful development of the company as well as rapidly expanding customer base led to corporate reorganization. In 2016 a company was divided into two independent companies: JSC Formateka that focuses on metal processing and manufacturing and BRMachinery Trading LP (now also BR Machine Limited) that specializes in used machinery trading. Deep knowledge of metalworking machinery as well as consideration of customers’ needs enables us to bring the supply and demand of used machinery industry together. We have well established connections with machinery dealers from Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.), Asia (India, Iran, Korea, China, etc.) and North America (USA. Canada, Chile). Our expertise, reputation and integrity can be verified by numerous loyal customers and business partners. We offer a broad list of used and new metalworking machinery as well as guarantee a professional team that is ready to dismantle, load and transport machinery as per individual request. Please see our stock for further information.

Thank you for your interest in us.

General Manager and CEO,
Antanas Paskevicius

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Or simply contact us via email: info@brmachinery.com