Radial Drilling Machine Stanko 2H55


Manufacturer: Stanko

YOM: 1978

The largest diameter of drilling in steel of average hardness: 50mm

Spindle departure (distance from a spindle axis to the forming column):
450 – 1500mm

Distance from the lower end face of a spindle to a plate: 470 – 1500mm

The greatest vertical movement of a sleeve on a column: 680mm

The greatest axial movement of a spindle: 350mm

Cone of a spindle of Morse: 5

The largest weight of the tool operated by a counterbalance at the greatest allowed inhaling: 30kg

Number of speeds of rotation of a spindle: 19

Limits of revolutions per minute: 30 – 1700

Power of the electric motor of the drive of a spindle: 4,5kW

Power of the electric motor of movement of a sleeve: 1,7kW

Dimensions of the machine: 2625 x 968 x 3265 mm

Weight 2M55 of the machine: 4100kg

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