Gear-hobbing machine Stanko 5K32


Manufacturer: Stanko

YOM: 1976

Max external length of the gear: 350 mm

Max workpiece dia: 800 mm

Max external face module: 10mm

Max tooth width: 350 mm

Min number of tooth: 12

Helix angle of the helical gear:
± 60°

Diameter of the table: 630mm

Distance between table and hob axis: 80 to 500mm

Distance between table surface and hob axis: 210 to 590mm

Max hob size:

– Diameter 200mm

– Length 200mm

Distance of the main spindle: 319 mm

Hob spindle speed: 50-310rpm

Number of hob spindle range: 9

Feed range:

– Longitudinal 0,8 to 5mm/rev

– Radial 0,3 to 1,7mm/rev

Tightening cone of the main spindle morse taper: 5

Main motor power: 7,5 kW

Machine overall dimensions: 2800x1510x2000mm

Machine weight: 7200kg


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