Vertical turning lathe SEDIN 1L532


YOM: 1991
Made in: Russia
Manufacturer: Sedin


Table diameter: 2800 mm
Swing: 3150 mm
Max. workpiece height: 1600 mm
Max table loading: 16 t
Max. ram travel: 1200 mm
Max. horizontal travel of carriage: 1720 mm
Carriage inclination angle: 30 dgr
Carriage feeds number: 16
carriages feeds range: 0.09 – 16 mm/rev
Feeds of traversal beam: 360 mm/min
Max. distance between ram’s axis: 360 mm
Distance between table and ram: 0 – 1780 mm
Distance between table and lower surface of traversal beam: 400 – 1640 mm
Revolution speeds number: 18
Table speeds: 1.25-63 rpm
Main engine power: 55 kW
Dimensions: 5485x6120x4910 mm
Total weight: 41420 kg


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